Predicting blood-sugar levels of type 1 diabetics using machine learning

Keeping diabetics blood-sugar levels in the safe range can be a difficult and daunting task. Using modern machine learning techniques, Vampïr aims to make this task a little bit more manageable so you can focus more on doing the things you love to do.

This project was constructed with a group of friends at a local 24-hour hackathon (Mountainland Code Camp). Vampïr won 1st Place in the business category.

A little bit later, our work on Vampïr won my friends and I the 2018 High School Innovator of the Year Award. The iOS and Android apps are both open source and available on GitHub (see below).

Skills Used
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The Vampïr apps and website are available on Github at Work is currently being done to make the machine learning backend open source as well.