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Any musician who has ever downloaded a metronome app knows there are dozens to choose from. Who has the time to try out that many apps and figure out which ones are actually any good? Oh yeah, if your instrument needs tuning, then you also need a tuner app. And you just remembered, you've been meaning to record that cool beat you came up with. You'll probably need a good audio recorder app too then--but you need to use the metronome app to keep the beat while you're recording. Too many apps! What can you do?

Enter Tempo, the solution to all your music-app needs. Tempo's goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything music. The app's home screen features not just one, but four music tools that can all be used at the same time. The simple home screen opens up to reveal each tool's many advanced settings and features.

But we aren't stopping at a mere four tools. Instead, we are working to expand our app to include dozens of helpful tools for musicians and music teachers alike.

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Tempo is currently conducting a closed alpha test. Email if you would like an invitation.